‘The Essence of Living Simply’ oils guide + Pure Essential Facial Oil

$ 25.00

Grab an opportunity to buy The Essence of Living Simply – the “Aunt Lavender” recipe book for using oils, written by Jane Wilks, and a beautiful pure essential facial oil for just $25.


Enjoy the opportunity to buy ‘The Essence of Living Simply’ – by Jane Wilks, plus a beautiful pure essential facial oil for just $25.

‘The Essence of Living Simply’ is a refreshing and timeless guide on how to use aromatic oils in everyday life. it includes many simple hints, with over one hundred recipes, in a spiral-bound, easy-to-read format. The recipes include making your own cleaning and beauty products at home through to pet care, gardening and cooking. There are also simple instructions on how to create beautiful aromatic gifts for your family and friends.

In addition to the book, you get to enjoy a luxurious Herb Heaven 25 ml Pure Essential Facial Oil. its Jojoba oil base is enriched with pure essential oils of Lavender, Frankincense and Geranium. This facial oil is a “tried and true” favourite with family and friends – now available to our customers for a limited time for Mother’s Day.