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Everyday, an increasing number of people are discovering the material, physical, and psychological benefits of pure essential oils. Over the years, the demand for essential oils has increased as people move away from commercial products, and are more mindful of their environment.

Anyone can easily use essential oils in their daily life – from making natural cleaning products and beauty products at home; to pet care, gardening and cooking. We hope you can be inspired to take some practical steps. Enjoy discovering how you can save money, better the planet, and improve your overall wellbeing with pure essential and fragrant oils.

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Quote of the Month

In the end, there is nothing more important than taking care of the earth and letting it take care of you.’

Charles Scott

Heaven Scent- A useful recipe for living a good life


   Take one whole pound of kindness

     And stir in it thoughts that bless

     Plenty of patience makes it nice

Some fun with add a little herb and spice

Don’t weigh out love

       -just pour it in

            Essential oils of good cheer will grease your tin

    Mix well the old time

  And you’ll have made a happy day

       Cook for a lifetime of happiness

      ( adapted from an old folk verse)


25ml Pure Essential Oil Range

Through aromatherapy and essential oils, you can enhance your everyday existence in a simple manner with their many different uses. These include household cleaning, simple first aid, massage blends and perfumes. Essential oils are highly fragrant and concentrated plant compounds. The process of obtaining the oil differs with the fragrance type produced. All the essential oils in our range are pure and carry certificates of analysis from our sources, both local and overseas. On an environmental note, we do not stock any oils that come from an endangered plant source.

Please note that pure essential oils are powerful and must be treated with due respect. Basic safety guidelines should be observed, as listed below: As a general rule, essential oils are for external use only. On the whole, you should  dilute them in carrier oils when applying directly to the skin ( with the exception of Lavender, Tea Tree and some perfume oils) Certain essential oils such as Eucalyptus and Peppermint, should not be used while taking homeopathic medicines, as these oils may counteract the effects. Special care should be taken if you suffer from high blood pressure, epilepsy; have a hypersensitive skin or are pregnant. With any of these conditions, certain essential oils should be avoided ( Please check with a medical professional). Citrus essential oils, especially Bergamot, are mildly phototoxic and are best avoided on exposed skin in sunny conditions. Keep essential oils out of the reach of animals and pets. As cats have a different metabolic process from ours, do not use essential oils on them and use with caution to treat dogs. Keep oils away from the eyes and do not rub your eyes after handling them. Finally, when using essential oils at home, note that lower dosages are used for babies, children and the elderly.   :

10ml Premium Pure Essential Oil Range

Our 10 ml premium pure essential oil range gives you an affordable option to enjoy these fabulous oils. A unique and practical gift.

 25ml Fragrant Oil Range

Fragrant oils differ from essential oils. Although some contain a certain amount of essential oil, they are chiefly made up of synthetic material They do not offer the true aromatherapeutic benefits of pure essential oils., Fragrant oils are commonly used in scenting potpourri, candles, incense, sachets, soaps and artificial floral arrangements. They can also be used very simply in room sprays and diffusers to enhance your environment with wonderful, long-lasting aromas.

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