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Home made bath salts

We all know how soothing it is to have a warm relaxing bath and one way to enhance the experience is to use luxurious bath salts. It is wonderfully simple to make up bath salts at home and, presented nicely in a decorative jar or resealable bag – they can also make a...

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Make your own Lavender linen spray

Lavender has a lovely pure scent and it is a traditional favourite with everyone. Interestingly, it was the ancient Romans who began the association of Lavender with freshness. The name ‘ lavender’ itself is derived from the Latin term lavare – meaning ‘to wash’. This...

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Don’t stress. Read this

  Anxiety and tension can affect a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Often it is a result of stress and can lead to a wide range of physical symptoms such as rapid breathing, excessive sweating, fatigue, restlessness and depression. Aromatherapy can be a...

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“Every breath I take”

According to a Norwegian smell researcher, Sissel Tolaas, smells are used constantly to communicate among plants, animals and human beings. They are a crucial component in our world as we understand it. Every day we breathe 23,00 times, and with every breath, smell...

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Patchouli power

  When we think of Patchouli, it is often associated with the hippy movement of the 60's. However there is much more to this plant and the wonderful pungent oil it produces. The plant itself is a native of Malaysia and is now cultivated in various S.E Asian...

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What are pure essential oils really good for?

A lot of people always ask us what are essential oils good for Essential oils are the jewels in nature’s treasure chest. Used throughout the history of humankind, they are nature’s precious plant compounds. These pure, richly scented oils are extracted from plants...

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Six essential tips for pet care

1. A few drops of Citronella essential oil on a small piece of cotton cloth or a cardboard tube will effectively deter cats from the area in which it is placed. 2. When bathing your pet dog, add 3 – 5 drops of essential oil such as Lavender or Tea tree to your final...

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