About Herb Heaven


We take pride in providing a quality range of pure essential and fragrant oils.

It’s our mission to help educate others to use essential oils in their many practical uses.

Herb Heaven pure essential and fragrant oils has been a trusted brand in New Zealand for over 30 years

The family-based business is run in central Auckland, New Zealand, with an emphasis on an affordable quality product and excellent customer service.

“Aromatic oils for you and your world” is the byline to which the business adheres to. In an increasing environmentally and health-conscious age, we believe that the use of essential and fragrant oils can not only serve to enhance your life but can also help to better our world.

Jane Wilks, Owner and Manager


Jane Wilks is author of the book, The Essence of Living Simply – an ecofriendly and cost conscious guide using essential and fragrant oils.

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The Herb Federation of New Zealand is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, use and love of herbs, through community education programmes, research, and sharing the experience of its members with the community.

Membership of the Herb Federation of New Zealand Inc is open to individuals, groups and societies that have an interest in the knowledge and use of herbs.

For further information about the Herb Federation of NZ, and the benefits of membership please go to www.herbs.org.nz


Kings Seeds is a mail order seed company with an extensive range of open pollinated and heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seed. We offer a range of organically grown and certified seed which is extremely popular with our customers in particular our Seed for Sprouting. The balance of our range is mostly untreated seed – even if not organically certified – with Microgreens increasing in demand by the day.  We promote good soil health by offering a range of green manure crops and beneficial insect blends.  We supply home gardeners, commercial growers and garden centres nationwide.

Contact Kings Seeds online at www.kingsseeds.co.nz; by email at [email protected]; by post PO Box 283, Katikati 3166; by phone 07 549 3409 or by fax 07 549 3408.



Ginny’s Herbs is a mail order online nursery owned by Ginny Clayton. It specialises in many types of herbs including some rare types, old, tried and true vegetable seedlings, companion plants and old classic flowers.

With an extensive background in organic and biodynamic growing, Ginny is well qualified to teach a wide variety of courses on organic gardening techniques,herbs, companion planting and vegetable growing.

Ginny Clayton is also the author of a recent book Ginny’s Herb Handbook – a guide for New Zealand and Australian herb lovers. From culinary herbs to herbs for healing, Ginny describes how to propogate, raise and maintain over 60 herbs using organic growing methods.This friendly guide includes many tips and recipes.It is also easy to use, full of great advice and is all you need to get started on the road to a more herbal and healthier lifestyle.

It can be purchased through the website www.ginnysherbs.com

Contact Ginny’s Herbs
Ph (09) 4323717   Fax (09) 4323717    Email [email protected]
P.O Box 35, Maungakaramea, Northland 0146, New Zealand




“Quarter Acre” Paradise Gardens is the location where TV and radio personality, author and international gardening consultant Dale Harvey lives. Following a highly successful TV & Radio career Dale continues to be involved in community and school gardening projects. Dale, a confirmed advocate of the “Clean Green God’s Zone” Image of New Zealand, takes every opportunity to promote New Zealand to locals and international guests by welcoming them to his little “quarter acre” patch of paradise. Follow Dale’s helpful garden hints with his “What to do” in the Garden this Month and his FREE monthly gardening newsletter or visit the Image Gallery or Community Area to post your pictures or ask questions. Download or browse the many e-Book articles updated monthly or gather your friends or garden club together for a visit.

For more information visit www.daleharvey.com or email [email protected]