We all know how soothing it is to have a warm relaxing bath and one way to enhance the experience is to use luxurious bath salts.

It is wonderfully simple to make up bath salts at home and, presented nicely in a decorative jar or resealable bag – they can also make a lovely gift.

Here’s the basic combination as follows, but you can adapt it more to suit:

one cup Epsom salts ( available from most supermarkets)
¼ cup sea salt
2 or 3 tablespoons baking soda
10 or so drops pure essential oil e.g. Lavender
a few drops liquid food colouring
( blue or red, or a mixture of both to create mauve)

Mix all the ingredients together in a glass mixing bowl and stir well to combine.

Note: you can add quite a few drops of food colouring to get a strong hue, and remember that the colour and fragrance will be well diluted in the water.

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