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Practical Ways To Use Essential Oils

Versatility In A Bottle

Everyday more and more people are discovering the material, physical, and psychological benefits of essential oils. Over the years the demand for essential oils has grow bigger and bigger as people move away from commercial products.

Anyone can easily use essential oils in their daily life-from natural cleaning products and beauty products, to at home, pet care, gardening and cooking. We hope you can be inspired to take some practical steps                              and discover how you can save money, and improve your mental and physical wellbeing with essential                    and fragrant oils.

  Essential oil Range

Through aromatherapy and the use of essential oils, we can enhance our everyday existence in a simple manner with their many different use. These include household cleaning, simple first aid, massage blends and perfumes.

Furthermore, to prove our commitment to the label, we hold certificates of analysis from our overseas suppliers for each oil variety. We avoid any that may come from endangered resources.

  Premium oil Range

Established for over twenty years, the Aroma Gold range of premium essential oils in the 10ml bottle gives us an affordable option to enjoy these fabulous oils. A unique and practical gift.

 Fragrant oil Range

Fragrant oils differ from essential oils. Although some contain a certain amount of essential oil, they are chiefly made up of synthetic material. These are commonly used in scenting potpourri, candles, incense, sachets, soaps and artificial floral arrangements. They can also be used very simply in room sprays and diffusers to enhance your environment with wonderful, long-lasting aromas.

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